I watched ‘Jackie Brown’ on Friday. This movie had been mentioned in some report about serial predator Harvey Weinstein that I’d read a day earlier. I’d seen that film many times. I’d loved that film. I detest violence or harassment against women.

But I decided I needed to do some research. Did Whalestein influence ‘Jackie Brown’?

The plan was to watch five minutes. However I got hooked. This is such a spectacularly good film. I really hope Weinstein stayed out of the production and allowed the director Quentin Tarantino free reign, without smearing the film with his presence.

I guess he did.

Nobody messes with Pam Grier – the star of the film.

She was an icon of the 1970s ‘blaxpoitation’ genre – low budget, action films targeting a black audience who had never been served by the Hollywood menu until that point. During that era she had starred as a bad-ass, urban superhero vigilante, in films such as ‘Coffy’; ‘Foxy Brown’; ‘Sheba Baby’ and ‘Friday Foster’. All were mediocre in terms of script and action. But Grier was amazing – beautiful, tough, sexy, iconic. I had watched and enjoyed them all under the influence of herb, during my Amsterdam years.

‘Jackie Brown’ was a triumphant return to form for Pam Grier – with a bigger budget, better script, and an amazing performance. Wonderful film. Pam Grier’s failure to even get a nomination for the 1997 Oscars is one of the greatest errors in that awful award’s history.

The rest of my weekend passed quickly. I was still buzzing from Jackie.

I made valiant efforts to acquire vacuum cleaner bags, but failed in my attempt.

I went for a drive today around the Phoenix Park. My companion told me that she was not clutching the side of her seat in terror.

I think that is progress.

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