Theatre times: ”Show me your everything’

The International Bar close to Dame Street was the venue for the new one act play ‘Show me your everything’ by Canadian playwright Rose Ugoalah which is playing this week. Having seen and enjoyed her short play ‘Love me Tinder’ in the same location last year, I was looking forward to this new piece.

I entered the small space (located upstairs from the bar) to see the stage designed as a bedroom – a double bed, bedside locker and armchair.

As the lights went down, onstage appeared a couple. Into the bed they went. This looked a dream acting job – performing while not having to leave the comfort of bed.

Then I remembered that ‘actor’ is not the profession title of a bedroom performer. I pursed my lips in disapproval at myself.

These people are actors however. A highly respectable career.

The lights went up. It is 9.30am on Saturday morning. The couple is slowly waking up.

What follows is a dissection of the relationship through their interaction – verbal and non-verbal.

It starts off light-hearted and loving, with them teasing each other, and disagreeing about the importance of IKEA to a twenty first century cohabiting couple. Differences emerge – attitudes to children, marriage, commitment, three-way relationships etc.

I gave an inward chuckle when the woman made the deep statement ‘Poor is the man, whose pleasure depends on the permission of another’. I know the work of the philosopher who first uttered those words.

It was of course Madonna in ‘Justify my love.’

The phone buzzes. The casual intimacy of the Saturday morning is interrupted.

What happens next? Well you’ll have to go see it to find out.

It was a very entertaining piece of work. The actors both gave very strong performances, relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company, and convincing as a couple. The dialogue was natural, flowed well and was very funny. The simple stage was an effective set, establishing the scenario very clearly.

All in all a very good piece of theatre.

It’s on until Friday 29th at 7pm in the International Bar. Price 7 euro per ticket.  Recommended.

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