Theatre times: ‘Spool’

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After my theatre binges earlier in the week, it was a singular show for me yesterday evening – at the 14th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. Back to the Teacher’s Club – where last week we had such a great experience ourselves. For my entertainment, yesterday’s show was ‘Spool’ by the London based Murmurations Theatre Company.

Starring Finn Cooke and Otto Farrant, it is concerned with the conflict between body and mind. Starting with both characters staring at each other through a mirror frame and reflecting each other’s movements it soon emerges that Cooke is playing the body and Farrant is the mind.

They are linked together by a spool of rope tied around the waist.

Mind is not happy however – criticising Body’s appearance and over analysing his every action. Body seems less troubled but is annoyed when Mind prevents him achieving certain goals.

Mind and Body decide that a divorce is necessary. Their cord is severed. How will Mind and Body function without the other?

It may all sound very art-wanky when written in words like this, but this is a really lovely piece of theatre. Told through the media of music, dance and dialogue it is a beautiful exploration of the inner conflicts of any human being – how we view our physical selves being at odds the actual reality (sort of like how I thought I was so ugly when I was a teenager but when I look at pictures from that time, I see that I was wrong).

Finn Cooke as Body is a trained dancer and his scenes are an absolute joy to watch as he prowls about the stage – not saying much. He is Body after all – his forte is dance and movement.

Farrant as Mind is a very likable presence – overanalysing and criticising everything he sees- the way one tends to do in an internal monologue. He rattles off random thoughts and figures. Mind has dreams of greatness. How will he fare without Body?

I’ve seen some good shows at the festival this year. This show is the highlight so far. It is lovely – a thing of unique beauty.

Do not miss this show.

It’s playing at 9pm on Friday and Saturday with a 4pm matinee show. Book your ticket at

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