A heavenly choir during rehearsal

Rehearsals for the play are continuing apace. It still seems like the performance is way out into the future. But that’s only because I am residing in my mental safe space. Every now and then – and with increasing frequency – I jolt into reality and realise that in less than a fortnight, we will be treading the boards with the lovely play – ‘An unexpected party’.

When I say that it is ‘my’ play what I mean is that I wrote the script. In other words I wrote the framework or the skeleton. In reality the director and the crew, not to mention the smoking hot cast breathe life into the script and turn it into an actual play. I had ideas in my head about the characters I had created. While the direction of these characters  is pretty much how I imagined them, there have been extra layers and nuances introduced. When these become apparent I furrow my brow and I rub my chin studiously – and try to silently portray the idea that this was my intention all along. I won’t describe what these additional layers or contexts are – why would I do that now? I don’t want to reveal my true murky shallowness.  It is deeply pleasing however to see how the whole thing has developed from when it was merely an idea in my head last September.

I am happy that I am not directing the play. Not that I don’t think that I could. Only having written the script I don’t think I could  read it with a neutral eye and it is far, far wiser to hand it over to someone who does not have the same script prejudices that I do. It’s slightly weird to act in a play that I actually wrote. This was not my casting choice – I was offered the role, but would have been happy for someone else to play the character of Declan had the director preferred someone else.  I am very happy I was chosen though.  It is soothing to my ego.

But I did make a vow to myself that once I was in it, I was going to make a valiant effort not to direct from the side-lines – that is not my place and would probably cause aggravation. In any case it is in very capable hands so my hysterical input is unnecessary. I think I have managed to keep my big Limerick hoof out so far.

Of course there is still work to do – which is why we have rehearsals remaining to tighten the whole thing up.

Only one more Tuesday rehearsal. Which means that the heavenly choir rehearsing in the studio next door to us, will soon no longer hear our voices. Having a choir next door has been distracting. It should be regarded as good training though – it has probably worked wonders for our voice projection.

Now that I think of it – there’s about thirty of them in that choir. That’s thirty potential audience members…

If you want to come along to see the play at 9pm from Monday May 1st to Saturday May 6th then you are very welcome. You can book your tickets HERE…

2 thoughts on “A heavenly choir during rehearsal

  1. Beautiful words Simon. Thank you for sharing your journey with the creation of a play and your role as author and actor but not director.
    It was touching and it made me laugh. Thank you so much. Now I am curious about the play of course. Any chance we might ever see it performed in Asd? Otherwise my only option is coming to Dublin next month. Oh wait..
    Much love from Utrecht and break a leg!!!


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