A toilet disaster. A walk in nature.

After rehearsal for next week’s showcase, I was feeling pleased. The piece I am appearing in, and the piece I have written and directed are both progressing well. We are almost ready.

Afterwards a few of us headed to the Wooden Whisk café on Talbot Street for refreshment. This is a proper café. No ‘eatery’ nonsense anywhere on the menu or signage. I ordered scrambled eggs on toast and a filter coffee, which were inhaled in record time.

I paid a visit to the cellar to use the facilities. I entered the gents – as one does. As I emerged I came face to face with two women. I gave a yelp of panic. Had I entered the wrong door?

I started babbling incoherently.

‘Did I go in the wrong door?’

They started laughing – probably at my ghost white face, from which all the blood had drained.

‘Oh no – you used the right one. It’s just that the hand basins are shared by everyone.’

Well that was a relief. Just to make sure I looked at the sign on the door, to reassure myself. They were correct. I really should have left it there. In my wisdom, however I raised my hand to the lovely hand painted wooden sign which read ‘Gentlemen’. It came crashing to the floor. My face went from a white death mask to a tomato coloured inferno. I seized the sign, and tried to put it back in position, but failed miserably. I grabbed it, put it on the ledge outside the door, and fled. My little mishap was by no means huge, but I was mortified.

The good-natured laughter of the two women at my misadventures, rang in my ears as I sprinted out the door of the Wooden Whisk.

To revive my drooping spirits I decided that I’d pay a visit to the National Botanic Gardens. Communing with nature is always calming

They are very beautiful. Located in Glasnevin, they were opened in 1795 by the Royal Dublin Society. Today they house over 20,000 varieties of plant life from all over the globe. From majestic trees to shrubs and flowers. The Victorian era glasshouses are home to the smaller species, while the larger trees are situated along the ponds and the stream that flows through the park.

A most pleasant and relaxing excursion. I walked home along the Royal Canal., taking heed to avoid the swans who were strutting their funky stuff in the water. I’ve read about swans. Loyal to a fault they may be, but allegedly they can break your arm if they take against you.

After my little fiasco in the toilets earlier, I wasn’t taking any chances.

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