Theatre times: ‘Couple+Pairs/2/’


Feeling a bit peckish after my day at the coalface of the corporate world, I called into Supermacs for a dose of chicken and chips. A healthy homecooked meal was not possible this evening. I was going to the theatre.

Showtime was at 7pm. For my evening of entertainment I was attending ‘Couples+Pairs/2/’ by Blue Heart Theatre. The venue was Theatre Upstairs on Eden Quay.

This evening’s performance was a series of five short plays. The theme was love and coupledom. While I may be chronically single, my heart was open. Love is a wonderful thing, and I can appreciate a good romantic story as much as the next person.

Theatre Upstairs is a superb venue. It’s slap bang in the city centre. Their shows start at seven. Tickets are affordable at about twelve euros, meaning I don’t have to mortgage my soul to attend. And it’s small, meaning that I won’t be craning my delicate neck to see or hear the actors.

I bumped into a friend in the waiting area. We teamed up, and when the doors opened, we marched purposefully to the front row. The venue may be small, but that didn’t deter me from making a beeline to the front. I like to be within touching distance of the actors. I am a well-behaved audience member always, but in my deranged little brain I like to feel close to the action.

The singer Maire Carr was sitting at the side of the stage, playing her guitar, and singing. She has a beautiful voice.

The show began with ‘Gun to head’ by Niamh Denyer. This was a hilarious piece about a ropey dating agency owner and her desperate client, and starred the writer and Brian Higgins. I laughed like a drain at this one.

It was followed by ‘Elvis and Priscilla’ by Sean Denyer. This is a ghost story about a drag-king Elvis impersonator and her partner, and was performed by Niamh Denyer and Roseanne Lynch. The frenetic pace when it began, slowed down as the grim reality of how Elvis died becomes apparent.  Thought provoking and sad.

Next came ‘Jen and John’ by Aoife Maguire, performed by Michael Kunze, and Niamh Denyer. It was an entertaining piece about the horrors of new parenthood, and its impact on one’s romantic life.

The last piece was ‘Femme Fatale’ by Michaël Kunze, starred Brian Higgins, Roseanne Lynch and Niamh Denyer. It recounted the timeless tale of a medical student who falls for his patient. The trouble is that while she is not actually dead, neither is she living. Strange and quirky.

The fifth piece ‘Delicate’ by Ann Blake was not performed this evening due to a cast injury. A pity, as if it was as good as the other pieces then it was sure to be an engaging piece.

Maire Carr and her guitar linked the pieces, singing a song between each scene.

It was a quirky and entertaining show. It’s playing until Saturday night.

Catch it if you can.

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