Jam packed with productivity.

It’s been a hectic weekend, which has been productive and positive. In the main.

Friday evening involved a trip to the Teachers’ Club in Parnell Square to see a show called ‘Foxy Divil’. It’s a one man show written and performed by Brian Quinn. In an unnamed town, a long term homeless man tells us his story about his life on the streets. It was a sad, funny and powerful piece.

I had seen an excerpt from this show at a theatre showcase in February (where I had made my debut as a playwright, with a non-autobiographical piece called ‘Back to life’, about life with a Flatenemy, after the character’s recent return from years living abroad.) It was interesting to see the tale in its wider context, as a full length play. ‘Foxy Divil’ will be showing in Waterford in the Central Arts Theatre on 29th and 30th October. If any the limited readership of this blog, happen to be in Waterford on those dates, I’d recommend going to see it.

Saturday morning saw me up and about at an unusually early hour. I needed to learn lines. Not being great at forward planning, I had agreed to perform in three short plays at an upcoming showcase of short plays. Little thinking of the time constraints that such a schedule might impose.

If I am to be completely honest, I only agreed to perform in two pieces – the third piece is self-written. I had precast the male lead while writing it. After a very short internal discussion, I had decided that I would be the perfect choice to play the vegan vampire of Temple Bar in my own play ‘Blood Sugar’.

The show starts in ten days. I needed to focus on my lines. I needed to learn those goddamned lines. This is my least favourite part of performing. It’s probably the most essential requirement for a convincing performance. But it is time consuming. So I consumed that time on Saturday morning by trying to memorise the text. It was moderately successful.

This was followed by two hours of oppression – a driving lesson. The heartless instructor took the executive decision that my lack of aptitude for driving means that I needed to focus only on steering and gas. He will assume control of the brakes and clutch. Until further notice.

Afterwards was a rehearsal for one of the other plays in which I will be appearing.

A sinister, atmospheric tale of two sailors out at sea, who are visited by something. Someone? I play the older sailor. Were my days as a dashing younger lead over I wondered. I quickly remembered that I have never played a dashing younger lead. Serial killers, gigolos, corpses or layabouts seem to have been my forte, even when younger.

After rehearsal I ventured to South Dublin, on the tram, to the smallest pub in the world- ‘The Royal Oak’ in Kilmainham – where some frosty bad boys were consumed.

On the way home I purchased a ‘3-in-1’ from the Chinese take-away. Chinese cuisine in Ireland has adapted to local tastes. A 3-in-1 is a toxic blend of chips, rice and chicken curry. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I felt slightly sordid afterwards. A touch soiled. Deep-fried spuds and rice are not a good blend.

Today was another full day of line learning and rehearsal. I must not be complacent, but I am reasonably happy with the progress that has been made to date.

The show starts in ten days. That’s loads of time.


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