Male Melanie Griffiths everywhere

Is there a new fashion trend among business men?

I live in the financial district, so as I haul my smart casual carcass to the bus-stop every morning, I am visually accosted by high powered men and women in their suits scurrying to the banks, ready to grease the wheels of finance and commerce?

In the film ‘Working Girl’ the character of Tess McGill (played by Melanie Griffith) worked as a personal assistant to high-powered Sigourney Weaver, on Wall Street. By the end of the film she has stolen Sigourney’s clothes, burgled her apartment, cuckolded  her – by bedding Harrison Ford – and had poor Sigourney fired. Yet for some reason Melanie is the hero and Sigourney is the villain in this movie.

I remember noticing how very practical it was, that Melanie wore sneakers (or tackies if you are from Limerick or South Africa) while commuting to work in the morning, only to switch to stilettos when she reaches the office.

Well the men of Ireland’s banking sector seem to have been inspired by Melanie – many if them seem to wear trainers and a three piece suit on their way to the office. I imagine they have their stilettos on their bags or at their desks, to change when they arrive?

I am well aware that this is neither newsworthy or interesting. It’s just a random thing I noticed today – possibly related to that news story yesterday about the receptionist in London who won the right to wear flats, after her employer sent her home for not wearing stilettos.

Anyway – as you were. Carry on.

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