Yesterday evening I was at a table quiz to raise funs for the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival,which is being held over a fortnight in May, in some of Dublin’s cosier theatres.

It was held in Pantibar, which surely must be breaking some equality laws – all the staff are breathtakingly beautiful Brazilians.
Preceeding the quiz I ate a seafood rice dish (with a fried egg on top) at a Japanese restaurant on Capel Street. I pretend to be all cosmopolitan and 21st century, so I never ask for a knife and fork in an Asian restaurant. I pretend that I can use chopsticks with confidence. Needless to say I am merely pretending, and I worry that someone across the room is going to get an eyeful of tuna at any given moment. I fooled everyone last night though, with the smooth way I ate my meal.

The quiz was enjoyable – and while I prefer not to deal in stereotypes, it is true that with two heterosexual males on the team we somehow managed to score eight out of eight on the sports round.

This tipped us close to victory. We came joint third – from a field of twenty teams.
We won the tiebreaker question (‘How far in kilometres is the earth from the moon? The answer is 388,000 kilometers)

Our prizes were complimentary tickets to any Monday performance during the festival.

In addition we won tickets to Vicar Street tomorrow night to see an American barbershop quartet called ‘Straight no chaser’. This may sound quite ominous but I am attending with an open mind. The venue is wonderful in any case so I am prepared to be dazzled (as well as bewitched, bothered, bewildered, and any other music lyric you can think of.)

It may not be Bruce Springsteen (whose gigs remain resolutely sold out) but it’s a free evening of cheesy entertainment.

I can deal with that.

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