I had a nightmare last night.

My eyes flew open and I bolted upright at 4am.

I had been lost in a dream about my upcoming driving test..

The dream was rather boring so the sudden jolt of terror was a touch surprising.

I hauled myself to the kitchen where I ate two McVities Digestives. When dipped in a warm beverage these are among the most snackiferous of biccies. The danger with dipping digestives is that miscalculate the dipping time by even a millisecond and they break and turn the rest of your cuppa tay into a gloopy porridge.

Dry they are the Gobi desert of circular, flour and sugar based nourishment – cold, dry and forlorn. I was still peckish after my unplanned fast yesterday however, hence the need for sustenance.

I returned to bed with every intention of having another 3.5 hours sleep. Sadly this was not to be and I spent the rest of the evening tossing and turning.

I boarded my bus feeling as bad tempered as a badger with tuberculosis.
Beyoncé and her mum were both in fine fettle this morning singing along to some R&B song about ‘making you love me, like only you do.’. Personally I felt Beyoncé was a touch young for the lyrics. But I’ve seen her mother and it wouldn’t be worth the hassle to reveal my curtain twitching tendencies. I’d end up the sorry one.

Instead I re-read my Rules of the Road book. I cannot seem to read more than about 5 pages at a time. It is too spirit-crushingly awful to concentrate on it for more than a few minutes at a time.

It’s like history repeating . The exam is at 16.15 on Saturday, in the driving test centre near to my house. I will get up early on Saturday morning, cram for a few hours and sit the multiple choice exam. You get 40 minutes to answer 40 questions and you have to get a minimum of 35 correct in order to pass. The result is given immediately.

I really need to pass this.

This evening I am going to rehearsal. On Easter Monday I am going to be pretending to be a Republican rebel rising up against British oppression.

It’s the 100 year anniversary of the doomed Rising (the Rising was doomed – the repercussions led to independence a few years later) and the City Council is organising walking tours of the main locations with street theatre in the relevant places.
I think I am taking part.  It sounds like a right laugh.

Aux armes citoyens.




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