That’s how I am feeling.

In one succinct word.

I have been dosing up on Frenedol – the Canary Islands answer to Lemsip – only with added parecetamol. My mother stocks up on her yearly trip to Playa del Ingles, and she may in fact be a contributing factor to the crumbling market share of Lemsip.

Frenedol merely numbs you for a few hours though – then the coughing and wheezing returns with a vengeance.

I woke up this morning after a 10 hour sleep, feeling like I had just been through 15 rounds with Tyson Fury. It was the worst hangover I had ever had. Except  I merely had 1 medicinal glass of red wine with the dinner last nigh

La Famiglia went to Gallagher’s in Bunratty last night. It’s a fish restaurant in a thatched cottage in the grounds of Bunratty Castle. Bunratty is an interesting, if slightly surreal location – a grand old medieval castle which you can tour during the day and in the evening – if you are so inclined – you can enjoy a medieval banquet in the style that the nobles ate 700 years ago (except for the fact that the food is now cooked with electric cookers, and potatoes are on the menu). The waiting staff are all dressed like old school serving wenches, and the drink of the day is mead – a revolting honey wine concoction.

Surrounding the castle is a folk park, and lots of restaurants and bars, and souvenir shops, and vast car parks with plenty of room for coaches.

It’s on the heritage trail and very popular among foreign tourists.

Gallagher’s is a lovely restaurant. The menu is very fishy – as expected.

I had a seafood chowder (a posh name for soup) which I thought would do some good for my cold. Following by a seafood platter as a main course and an apple and nut tart with ice-cream for dessert.

I was almost comatose afterwards. This gluttony would surely break the evil hold that the dastardly man-flu held over me.

We got home at about 11. I dosed up on Frenedol and hit the hay.

This morning  felt apocalyptic, the muzzy head, the sore chest and throat, the flowing nose.

I must have been a sight for sore eyes.

Not my own however – they are also streaming.

In an unplanned piece of good luck however,  I have the day off work tomorrow.

I suspect the day shall be spent drinking tea, wrapped in a quilt, watching daytime television.

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