Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the circus

I have not written a blog in a few days (oh here we go say the folk who have read blogs for a while – Murphy is fading, never liked his blog anywat).

But I have a Grade A excuse.

I have been in rehearsal for the World Premiere (!) of my 10 minute magnum opus. Which will be seen by an audience of tens (hopefully) over the next few nights.

I am performing this weekend, and I am excited and terrified.

This is my debut  in Ireland.

I will be getting up at the crack of dawn to vote (for anyone other than Fianna Gael), then to do a day at the administrative coalface (my paid job).

And then to the theatre.

I have seen some other pieces to be performed and it terrifies me. They are rather good. The more I rehearse my piece, the more I wish I had changed certain dialogue. If anyone tells me that my play was ‘interesting’ then I will know it has been an abject failure – compliments for theatre are rare and people are subtle, but you can generally tell whether they genuinely liked it or not.

Too lare to worry now -we are on tomorrow – in the Pearse Centre.

Let’s all break lots of legs.


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