Here comes the summer sun

Spring is in the air everywhere I look around,
Spring is in the air every sight and every sound.

My alarm is set for 7.25am on a weekday morning. It snoozes for 10 minutes and then I haul myself out of my crypt, in preparation for the day ahead.

That gives me 15 minutes to shower and brush my teeth (I’m one of those people that lays out the following day’s fashion ensemble at the foot of my bed the night before meaning that I don’t have to do any bothersome thinking in the morning); before leaving the house to go to work. I have a somewhat freakish ability to get myself ready while I am almost sleepwalking – I am on autopilot for the first hour of the day and only at about 9.30am do I become fully aware of what is going on around me. It’s always been like this.

When I dragged my sorry old carcass from my pit this morning I noticed that it was already daylight – the first time I have noticed that this year.

I won’t pretend that my heart sang with joy – I am resolutely not a morning person, and it is wise to stay well out of my way for a few hours in the AM.

But it did make me feel slightly less numb.

I started my current job (I probably shouldn’t still be calling it my new job as it’s coming up for 4 months that I have been here now) in November – that most miserable of months – just after the clocks have gone back an hour. This is truly the most grotesque time of year – short days and long, dark, cold, wet, miserable nights.
And even worse the realization that this will continue for many months. But today it was daylight when I woke up. And it will be daylight when I leave.

I can confirm with both pride and relief that I am not yet a vampire.

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