Non, rien de rien

I am not a little French sparrow. Unlike Little Edie P, I do have some minor regrets in life.
It’s simply that I have very little I want to write about today.

I could regale you with nailbiting tales of the transit of blood-thinning drugs to countries all over the world. But you’d be even less interested in that subject than I am. And that’s what I do for a living.

I could tell you about the mesmerising research I did when I got home from work on the website which allows you compare gas and electricity bills – – but by all accounts clever people like the select few who read my ramblings, will already be aware of this site.

I could tell you about Bella and Bello – the upstairs neighbour’s dogs, who I met in the lift this morning as I was leaving to catch my bus. But as I was cutting it fine, I didn’t spend longer than the lift journey with them as I had to sprint to bus-stop. So no cute stories of the bond that might grow between those rotund hounds and myself.

I could tell you about the semi-assembled IKEA table that has been sitting unfinished on my living room floor for the past fortnight, and how it is incomplete, because it is missing a leg, and how I keep meaning to call the shop and ask for a replacement. But because I feel like the table is judging me for not sorting it out yet, I’d better not.

Today has been a boring Monday – there are upcoming events later in the week.

But for this evening nothing to report.

Except one little thing – an email from Flatenemy asking to meet me.
What on earth could he want?
And why in the name of anything that is sacred would I want to meet him?
Perhaps he wants to declare his undying love for me?
I wished him well.
And I declined his invitation.



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