A foul and unpleasant day

Today was not an enjoyable day.
Angry lady was not on the bus this morning.
I hope she hasn’t choked on her outrage.

The rest of the day was spent focusing on my career ie working.
And working hard.
Sitting like a blimp on a comfortable stool behind a computer screen can be both stressful and tiring if you are being bombarded with email questions, to which you don’t know the answer, and you have a pass-remarkable colleague who gives you feedback on your performance, while you are actually performing.
No point in going into specifics. It is over until tomorrow.
I just got in the door, with a Marks and Spencer ready meal – a ready meal with a yellow sticker. Said yellow sticker means ‘Reduced to clear’.
My salmon in garlic sauce is ready.
An evening of Youtube awaits.
I think I am in the mood for some cat videos.

Keep living the dream.

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